Sonar Bangla Foundation is working with persons with disabilities since its inception either through organization’s own fund or through the government/foreign fund. We observed the persons with disabilities used to suffer negligence and mental & physical humiliation and torturing from the family and also from the respective society. We furthered observed every persons with disabilities has to go on with acute poverty and extreme negligence. In Kaligonj UIpazila around 8% people are the persons with disabilities and most of them are the disabled due to health hazards. Beyond this there are a many who are disabled with physically and mentally. The project is being implemented for achieving the following objectives:

  • To prepare a list disabled people and make it regular update;
  • To make them involve with income generating activities through training and having loan facilities;
  • To provide materials for the targeted people and creating an opportunity and favourable environment for the persons with disabilities;
  • To make the pregnant mother for reducing the rate /number of persons with disabilities.
Name of Upazila Survey for having the new Disabled people Number of Benefitted new Disabled people in the working area Awareness Meeting with the Pregnant Mother and disabled people Primary health care Support Reffered
Kaligonj Target Achievement Men Women Children Target Achievement Target Achievement
  2000 2020 136 105 179 25 22 31 07
Total 2000 2020 136 105 179 25 22 31 07

Achievements as on the activities on 2019-2020:

Supporting materials supply for the Disabled People Health supports Financial supports Education Materials Loan Supports Admission to School
37 8 46 17 12 25