Shibu Pada Biswas

Executive Director Sonar Bangla Foundation

Sonar Bangla Foundation started its journey in 1995 for the sustainable development of the deprived menfolk of Jhenaidah District. SBF is unified to face the inhumanity, discrimination and injustice over depressed and neglected mass in the society. SBF is always aware of establishing the right of people in accordance with social, national, international and regional issues. SBF is continuously playing the first platform for most part to establish social justice by unifying the young society. SBF ethically believes that only to assist the poverty depressed people financially is not enough for their round development. Some professionals of parts are acting to establish them by opening the scope of being trained up for earning skills to be filled in any job in accordance with open market finance. The optimum development is not at all possible by lagging behind the 50% women power of the country.

So all heads of the SBF concern are keeping voice allowed to empower the women power. The SBF is determined to make reach the health care to every citizen of the society. The SBF is restlessly trying to eradicate illiteracy and build up an educate nation. It is the advance stage of Sonar Bangla to nutralise the natural balance by making a society of environmental friendship. Sonar Bangla Foundation is advancing with this short of dream.