Bangladesh is progressing and moving forward to be a developed country by 2041. To meet the goal we need the balanced development in every sectors. In Bangaldesh 24.3% people are living under poverty line and extreme poverty rate among them is 12.9% according to BBS data, 2016. So to have a healthy future generation we need to take care to the pregnant and lactating mothers. Like others But Bangladesh government is very conscious very conscious about the issue and implementing different project/ program for the pregnant and lactating mothers for having a healthy generation for the coming future. Maternity Allowance program is the like one. The core objectives of the Maternity Allowance program are the following:

To reduce the maternal mortality and child mortality among the poor through creating health awareness and running health camp in local level.


To help the Women affairs dept. to identify & selecting pregnant and lactating mother among the poor. To facilitate them to have the maternity allowance; To make aware about the nutrition and the necessity and usefulness of nutrient foods during pregnancy and lactating period.


Pregnant mother and the family members have been aware about the nutrient foods during pregnancy. They have also been received clear perception about the importance of lactating to her child. Moreover they have been have the clear messages about the family planning, EPI, harmful effects of child marriage, marriage with dowry.