In Bangladesh 50% population is women and putting contribution in progressing the country through active participation in different sectors. But due to different types of social, political and economic constraints & problems all women are not getting the same opportunity and remaining behind to others or being dependent or subjugated to men. But Bangladesh government is very conscious very conscious about the issue and implementing different project/ program for mainstreaming the women who are still stay behind. VGD program is the like one. The core objectives of the VGD program are the following:

To make positive change in livelihood of Ultra 2382 poor women with attention to further deterioration of living condition

Major Activities

Identify and selecting the poor and vulnerable women, Forming group with these poor women, Arrange regular meeting with these groups, To motivate them for saving, to let them know about their rights.


In the meantime 1382 ultra-poor women have identified and received VGD Card and received life skill based education (health, Hygiene and sanitation.