About Sonar Bangla Foundation

Primarily the organization is accountable to its constituents: the beneficiaries, relevant stakeholders and the Executive Committee (EC).

The organization prepares projects based on beneficiaries’ problem and need and shares its progress and activities with them through different forms like meetings, workshops, etc. In respect of management, it is fully accountable to the Executive Committee for its activities and has to produce report in regular meeting and review. It is also accountable to the District Coordination Committee (DCC) and the District Administration of Bangladesh Government.

Major Running projects

Water Use Efficient Agriculture Practice (WEAP)- Project

Sonar Bangla Foundation (SBF) is implementing the `Water use Efficient Agriculture Practice (WEAP)’-project with the support from Share the Planet Association, Japan and Japan Fund for Global Environment (JFGE). The project is being implemented at 20 villages of 1 no Sudarpur- Durgapur Union and 4 no Niyamot Union and these Unions are in the Kaligonj Upazila of Jhenaidah district. Through the project Sonar Bangla Foundation(SBF) is stepping up with actions for developing capacity of 300 target farmers to devise an alternative policy option and to make the farmers resilient to climate change and adaptation (CCA) actions as well.

Strengthening and Follow up of PLDP Approach in Bangladesh

The PLDP project is being implemented with a set of aims these are-to make the farmers self-reliant through making them capacitated about agro-technology and being adapted with the changing climate change. To make the targeted farmers acquainted with the most recent agro technologies and how can they be associated with these technologies. Another important point under PLDP project is that through the project the future generation is being received direct and inner knowledge about the agriculture and agro technologies.

Vulnerable Group Development (VGD) Programme

In Bangladesh 50% population is women and putting contribution in progressing the country through active participation in different sectors. But due to different types of social, political and economic constraints & problems all women are not getting the same opportunity and remaining behind to others or being dependent or subjugated to men. But Bangladesh government is very conscious very conscious about the issue and implementing different project/ program for mainstreaming the women who are still stay behind. VGD program is the like one. The core objectives of the VGD program are the following.

Promoting and Protecting Rights of the Working Children (PPRWC)

“Promoting and Protecting Rights of the Working Children (PPRWC)” has been operated in Jhenaidah qand Magura districts under the support from MJF since 2007. Recently the donor support is not available but SBF keep the project continue with its own at limited areas. The core concerns of the project is to save working children who are in involved with different types of worst forms of works including to promote the child rights at home and surrounding areas where they have common access.

Maternity Allowance for the Poor pregnant and Lactating Mother-Programme

Bangladesh is progressing and moving forward to be a developed country by 2041. To meet the goal we need the balanced development in every sectors. In Bangaldesh 24.3% people are living under poverty line and extreme poverty rate among them is 12.9% according to BBS data, 2016. So to have a healthy future generation we need to take care to the pregnant and lactating mothers.

Health, safe water option , HIV/AIDS & MCH

Around the glove HIV-AIDS is terming as a world wide and growing corner. Still today there is no treatment to be cured form this terrible disease. As there is no specific vaccine or medicine for the HIV AIDS positive persons, only awareness remain us safe from this infectious diseases.

Luxur Cook Stove-ICS Program;

The environment is being polluted day by day and the earth is being unsuitable for living for the human being. Due to increase population people are cutting trees for burning or using as fire wood. They also cutting forest trees and causing deforestation. In this sense the Luner Cook stove is more environments friendly.

Women and Child rights program

Women and child rights program is one of the mostly concern core program of the Sonar Bangla Foundation (SBF). In the context Kaligonj, Jhenaidah, SBF is putting sound role in prevention early marriage alongside any other forms of gender based violence.

Health, Rehabilitation, Development and Right establishment project for the Disable people

Sonar Bangla Foundation is working with persons with disabilities since its inception either through organization’s own fund or through the government/foreign fund. We observed the persons with disabilities used to suffer negligence and mental & physical humiliation and torturing from the family and also from the respective society. We furthered observed every persons with disabilities has to go on with acute poverty and extreme negligence.